Week 8

wonderful Project – great presentation merging the expected and unexpected ….



Something to discuss – I introduced the idea earlier – is to update each drawing in the exhibition by the end of the week Friday.

This way, you are continuously enlarging the body of work for the portfolio (for preview tables) as well as actually publically developing the project further. (some of you have already said that you will reprint and update the image) let’s vote:

YES (weekly update of the image with drawing you are working on – to be pinned over the old):


NO (absolute no change to exhibition apart from maintaining and switching all on in the morning):



5th years TS5 Interim Jury is confirmed on the 6th of March 10:00 at our unit space (needs to be cleaned and cleared by than)

Please at the Friday Group tutorial – present your point on TS5 with a table of content and filled out pages – A3 (NO EXCEPTION!)



4th years – your preview table is in two weeks on the 12th – 13th. At the group tutorial I would like to see a clear strategy of items you want to produce by than, also a realistic time schedule.



great opening apart from some unfortunate glitches – please make sure that the space is always maintained by taking responsibility in your agreed morning switching on routine!



Monday 25th February

10:00 kin

10:45 Brian (added by TK)

11:30 kjetil

12:15 luke



Tuesday 26th February

10:00 Ryan

10:45 Lyza

11:30 golshid




Thursday 28th February

10:00 Sergej

10:45 Kevin

11:30 yuwon

12:15 soonil




Friday 1st March

Group tutorial / Pin Up – All to be at unit space at 10:00 –


AFTERNOON – TS session with Sam Joyce – 5th years please sign up mail around and inform Sam with finalised list by no later than Tuesday.



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