Week 10 / Preview tables 4th years

Week 10 – previews are here!


22nd March PECHA-KUCHAwith INTER10

All is agreed upon – format will be 3 minutes and 12 slides (items), similar to our encounter with Inter 5 we will present as a stand-off with students from Inter10.

More details soonest

Mike Weinstock is confirmed.




6 licenses for vray – cinema 4D are installed ready to render / please contact Kin for more information




Monday 11th March  (Tutorials  for 4th years rehearsing/ mock-up of  presentation – max. 13 minutes long after that I will stop you!  )

10:00 Sergej   added by TK

10:45 Golshid added by TK

11:30 Brian added by TK

12:15 Gloria added by TK

13:00 Liza added by TK

4th years – if possible please be present as it might be very beneficial to hear/ structure the presentations together.

Tuesday 12th March No Tutorials as I will be in tables all day ( if anything please contact me afterwards!!


Wednesday  13th March

4th year Preview tables – dates and times should have been send out to you by now – Do NOT come too late!


Thursday 14th March


10:45 Kjetil

11:30 Luke


13:00 Kevin

Friday 15th March

10:00 YuWon

10:45 soonil

11:30 Ryan

12:15 kin

13:00 kjetil

 +me(golshid) if there’s time


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