There we are: out, naked and vulnerable. The Manifesto.


We, the 99%, have lost trust in our Governments.

The United Nations, once born as a democratic organ for peacekeeping, has become irrelevant. Surely, the organization is a condenser of international relations but citizens are not present.

Offered one vote per member-state, the General Assembly could be considered as a democratic organ, if only it was not based on a representative mechanism among which dictators can take part.

Further even, the Security Council meeting counting 21 members among whom the US, the UK, China, Russia and France have a permanent seat already distills the presence of countless countries. In these rooms, we are forbidden any possible attendance, only the media, whom we don’t trust either, may attend.

Since its establishment, during President Truman’s mandate, the United Nations was intimately connected to the USA. Truman, with his doctrine supported financially numerous European countries especially Greece, to avoid their fall in Communism. Looking at the past, we see today, how it led to an unacceptable global military presence. So we hope for an immediate conclusion to this imperial supremacy.

There is also, the illegitimate offspring of the Security Council; the oligarch Group of the eight sovereign nations. We cannot tolerate any further militarization of our civic territory. When this “traveling circus” lands in our cities, we are denied access and thoroughly scrutinized. Our soil is deterritorialized. An urban warfare takes place importing over 15’000 soldiers and policemen, 30 helicopters, and drones, and ground-air missiles. Even our mobile phones are jammed. All this, to simply permit the arrival of eight heads of states who divert air traffic up to 60 kilometers around. So we protest, but even then, we are given a ground ten kilometers away.

Fortunately, Julian Assange surfaced. He is our defender, our reformer, our advocate. Since the revelation of governmental secrets, Assange had to move from country to country to finally seek refuge in an embassy in London.

Since his speech from the balcony of the Ecuadorian embassy, WikiLeaks’ data also had to dislocate from their Stockholm servers.

Similarly, after WikiLeaks’ data left Stockholm, it copied itself globally to multiple mirrored-servers. The website was strategized so it is now practically impossible to eliminate. Any other attempt to control, the Anonymous, our active branch will retaliate by proceeding to Denial-of-Service attacks clandestinely operating our computers as extended weapons.

Now, we claim.
We claim a global government that is bottom-up – a government utilising the informational technologies to connect us.
 We claim to replace the current Modernist United Nations for multiple global  presences.
We claim for a civic structure, a space of assembly, here, there and globally, physically and digitally.
We reclaim the G8’s mobility, the faculty to reach cities in need.
We want to dissolve the icon, dissolve the elite’s symbol.
We want a mobile architecture. That embraces the migrating data, the volatile bit, the wandering packet. An architecture travelling where it is required.
We want a building to assemble and dis-assemble, each part embedding an intelligence of its own, fragments aware of their location, at all places, at all times.
We want an architecture that strategizes its urbanity, its transport, its assembly and dis-assembly.
We want an architecture that locates near populations, relating to populations.
We want a building constituted of fragments, not only limited to architectural elements but extending to interactive objects.
We want an architecture that actively participates to the world of Big Data engendered by the Internet of Things.
We want an architecture that encourages unexpected bedfellows data storage with governance and citizen participation.
We want a collaborative architecture. Dealing with individuals, corporations and governments.
We want a controversial architecture that refutes the status quo, but inspires transformation, mutation, and adaptation
to different times
to different locations
to different cultures
Our manifesto is not static. It evolves to adapt to the spirit of its time.

Feel free to comment/ criticise/ refute.

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