The Machine!

The Sublime Propaganda Machine from Harijs Alsins on Vimeo.

The Sublime Propaganda Machine is an installation, made as a part of a project that explores the possibilities of propaganda as a spatial tool for defining a territory, an architecture.

The Propaganda Machine is based on the self-promoting propaganda aspect of the annual Lord Mayor’s Show in the City of London, through which the City repositions itself as a purely historical and cultural entity instead of a powerful financial organization. Here, the positive magic and beauty of the Lord Mayor’s Show is recreated, at the same time turning the unsuspecting viewer into an actor in a real propaganda show in which the Lord Mayor is leveled with propaganda icons like Jesus, Stalin and Kim Jong-Il. Through this performance for everyone else in the room, a temporary physical and social space is defined; making the mental abuse on the victim-viewer even stronger, snaps of the propaganda show, paired with the positive emotion, are posted on twitter, adding a virtual dimension to the construct.

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