Schlaraffenland, a true story.. :part one(wip)

one part of a photographic diptych ’99 Cent II’ by Andreas Gursky.
Kildare Poem, The land of Cockaygne
“In Cokayne there is food and drink
Without care, anxiety and labor.
The food is excellent, the drink is splendid,
At dinner, snack time, and supper.
I say in truth, without doubt,
There is no land on earth its equal.
Indeed, there is no land under heaven
Which has so much joy and bliss.
Many a pleasing sight is there”

Today, the world we live in is much more a ‘Man-Made’, or ‘Artificial’ rather than a natural one. Almost every element in our environment shows evidences of human artifice.

Today, about three centuries after Newton we are well familiar with the concept of natural science.

Today, what we experience is beyond Einstein and Newton laws.

Today, the word ‘biological’ is no longer ‘natural’.

Today, the reality is broken.

Today, there are unrealities and realities embedded within our food industry, the results of a vast manipulation and the artificialities that expands from the inception of production to the moment of consumption.

Every day we are not only redefining our food and product identities but we are also redefining our own identities, hiding behind cyberspace’s fantasy worlds, creating altered egos, through social networking, online gaming, we are changing common views on who we are, where we are and who our physical self cannot be. Our interests, identities, social and cultural communities are being better characterized and defined. Through online gaming, we create avatars, a better version of ourselves, grow awful lot of food in Farmville, rule an empire, hope to be rewarded. We spend more and more time and passion online on our social interactions and communicating our interests. We spend time in a non-physical space parallel to the material world. This is our virtual reality.

From the food we eat to the spaces we spend our daily life in, to the information we feed back to the world, there’s a long span of artificial scaled space, a brave new world. The architectural construct of the space between us, the costumers of this brave new world and the production and consumption of food and the information it carries is set within this hybrid reality.The inhabitation of this non-place architecture expands through three world. The world of fake reality or perception, the world of actual reality or the production and consumption and the in-between, the portal, or our online virtual reality.


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