Project as a permanent parade (of some sort)

As a tool of propaganda, the main duty of the building is to display. Display protesters that crowd it; display the politicians and employees of the Corporation; display (and be able to facilitate) their direct or indirect relationship, possible contacts, and everyday activities, exaggerating it all to create a permanent sense of overwhelming busyness and chaos. Since the protesters share the space with the Corporation, this will likely result in a small war, each side modifying the space and its configuration to change the nature of their relationship.

 V1: Brazil + Hong Kong (row 1 below, blue)

Millions of skywalks – pathways connecting the existing buildings around the Guildhall square are created, that double as office space, always busy with the Corporation people – hard working for the City’s residents (I mean, “hard working”). At the ground level, these organically connect to the square, allowing the protesters to expand upwards and take over some of the spaces above. The whole of the square is perhaps covered – but not cut off from the urban fabric at street level – making it an ambiguous interior / exterior space.

 V2: Forever Bürolandschaft (row 2 below, grey)

All of the nearby buildings are lifted up some 4-5m from the ground level (= the ground is excavated deeper = the first floor of all the buildings is cut out and gotten rid of) creating one continuous surface that serves as both the office space for the Corporation and its employees, and as an open space for the protesters, completely blending them into one workspace and creating a never-ending conflict.

 V3: Framing the Guildhall (row 3 below, golden)

An object is located in the square, changing and exaggerating its proportions and framing the old Guildhall – basically, a film studio for an impressive shot that features the Guildhall, the protesters, and people from the Corporation, for once allowing them to feel like real stars.


Things I need to resolve:

  2. How does the parade – the new parade – fit into these?
  3. Means of propaganda. If the proposal is the setting and the people are the subject – what is the means of information dissemination?
  4. What does this have to do with the Informational Revolution?
  5. Bring in here the duality of the interface.
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