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The device is a machine that uses propaganda in its extreme intensity as a space-creation tool. An artificial and partially virtual space of illusion, outside of (our assumedly believable) reality and instead full to the extreme with information abuse from all sides possible.

The situation could be compared to a DMZ (looking not just at the physical emptiness) – a territory that is defined by extreme military presence (on its boundaries) but is considered demilitarized. Physically, the very zone may be demilitarized, but virtually, the military is always heavily there. In my case, I see it as a slight inversion – physically, the space created is continuous with the city, but the abundance of virtual (AND physical) propaganda defines it in a way.

Soooooo the device: Ideally the whole thing from the outside wouldn’t look. As in, it would be hidden in a wall:And could be covered with some sort of black perspex – opaque-looking, but providing the possibility to hide things like LEDs, webcams, etc. behind it. So at some point little doors open and lights start flashing inside the doors and outside on the wall too, and it looks more like this:At which point people can peek their heads into the holes. In each of the openings there is a different über-propaganda space, created as a mix between a diorama and screen displays, all hidden in a box:The lower box holds the Lord Mayor’s Show in an exaggerated form – you kneel down to something wondrous and tiny – like here at 1:15

– and in there is the parade.

The higher box holds a version of the other side of propaganda – the protest camp, coupled with police brutality to create and opposite, sad and angry space. And then afterwards these are exaggerated / made awkward by the relocation of people’s faces’ reactions etc. sort of like planned before.

Here is the really bad old sketch of the parade box, each of them would have 4 sides as screens to serve as virtual expansions of the space (so the top can have sky of kind, the back and sides can have extended cityscape, or perhaps a volcano or something) and the bottom is where the physical objects of the space can be housed (together with LEDs and other electronics – I also want to make some physical parts of the display dynamic, so they move when, for example, someone approaches):

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