Project mini Statement

Project title: Cockayne

‘ From the food we eat, the non-physical spaces we spend our daily life in, to the information we feed back to the world, there’s a long span of artificial scaled space, a brave new world. 

Cockayne is an architectural construct of a super market.  The inhabitation of this non-place architecture expands through three constructed landscapes. Server-farms build the artificial soil condition of endless heat radiating networked processors. Our projective desires of an endless consumption  is fulfilled  behind screens in the virtuality of MMOG portals of online social farming platforms – the likes of Farmville. All culminating in the excess of the global super-market, a perfect utopia and regulated space of endless desire and gluttonous behaviour.

The land of Cockayne is set in New York  within the busiest network point, 60 Hudson Street. We seek critic and reconciliation in our estranged world of Nestle,  glorifying the arrival of the shared land of milk and honey.’

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The terminal (working title)

As UK’s only hub airport, London Heathrow is currently operating at 99% capacity. The lack of capacity is already costing UK up to £14bn a year in lost trade. The airport terminal is an institution as old as the invention of the aircraft it self, but despite massive advancement in technology over the last decades, the terminal is more than ever before a time consuming necessity, operating based on old and outdated principles. The project propose a new terminal prototype, using intelligent self-adaptive technology and the cloud of our everyday footprint to remove the long established boundaries in the terminal and set a new agenda for what we know as an airport.

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Week 7 – a tough one!

Monday 18th February

arrival of plywood to be milled (need 2 volunteers to carry)

volunteer 01:

volunteer 02:






12:30 Luke


Tuesday 19th February

milling of plywood (need 2 volunteers)

volunteer 01: kin

volunteer 02: brian


9:30 soonil

10:15 Ryan

11:00 lyza

11:45 kin

12:30 Brian


Wednesday 21st February



Thursday 21st February

9:30 Sergej

10:15 Kevin

11:00 Kjetil

11:45 yuwon

12:30 golshid



Friday 22nd February

All Day building up Show !

18:00 Show opens




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Participate in our Global Governance


We are the 99%. We want an architecture to participate in our Global Government.  Our architecture is constantly transposed; the notion of time prevails over that of place. We have five dislocated rooms. Our building is a terminal – split between our homes, our congregational room, our transitional space, and connected by an alternative Internet.




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Archive of anticipatory existence of technological time island(working title)

The project is a question of what would be the next time system in post-industrial time zone. Architecture of this question is an archive searching for the existence of island. Islands of territory existed by the anomalies of our technological societies, which we are not aware of and unknown. The project draws and designs the instrument to search for the existence of something that might be there. Islands are shifting and re-calibrating – it is a malleable construct to state and argue the current time’s existence by searching the anomalies of technological time. And instrument to measure the islands becomes an anticipatorily architecture depicting our behaviour and attitude towards the technological information revolution in relation to our time.

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Week 6 – tutorials

Industry Gallery – Washington, works of your tutor – growing crystal in an environmentally responsive incubator ///

Thursday 14th February


10:15 kin (guys, there will be an event in school) (What? Your tutorial will be an event?)

11:00 Liza (added by TK)

11:45 Ryan

12:30 – Kjetil



Friday 15th February

9:30 Sergej

10:15 Kjetil

11:00 luke

11:45 Kevin

12:30 yuwon

13:15 gol


AFTERNOON – TS session with Sam Joyce – 5th years please sign up mail around and inform Sam with finalised list by no later than TODAY !! (let’s reuse the post Sam made)


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Particles entanglement (same dimension)

“What makes more sense is the quantum effect of entanglement. Under quantum rules, no matter how far apart an “entangled” pair of particles gets, each seems to “know” what the other is up to – they can even seem to pass information to one another faster than the speed of light. ”


And how such entanglement is applied in design.

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Islands of non-existent time(draft title)

Phase_01 – The Existence of Time in Pre-Industrial Time-zone

History begins with the attempts of humans to understand their beginnings. The history of time measurement began to understand what surround us. Humans historically kept their own time by using time-measurement instruments to observe the sun’s zenith at noon. Stonehenge was a monument, which existed in order to understand what surrounds us and to relate to it by casting the sun’s shadow onto a surface/territory and based on the movements of both the moon and the sun. Stonehenge was a celestial observatory, which have allowed prediction of eclipse, solstice, equinox and other celestial events. The observation of time existence started from discovering the cosmic order and depicting the rhythmic cycles of nature to the ground, to the space, to the territory.


Phase_02 – The Existence of Time in Industrial Time-zone (A global network time rises)

Industrialisation was the process of a wider modernization when social change and economic development were closely related with technological innovation, thus the notion of time’s existence changed accordingly in a response to a globalized network of trade, communication and transport. The development regarding longitudes allowed time noticeable the difference between distant locations. Various meridians were used for longitudinal references, where Greenwich Meridian was established as the prime meridian and became the world’s time standard. Territorial implication of time’s existence became crucial, when the world was divided by 15 degrees wide creating 24 standard time zone systems in regards to make a global time-zone as a construct of industrial by product governing unified time system.


Phase_03 – The Question of Post-Industrial Time-zone

The territorial longitude grid system of time is no longer a catalyst of the change time system. Humans built the largest machine-monument of time with the largest distance of 20,000km between Earth and Space – GPS satellites. The constant constellation of 24 GPS satellites and triangulation of three/four satellites gives us the exact time synchronization and location. This is the current notion of time’s existence with territory, which is invisible in our civic environments.

The project itself is a question of what would be the next time system in post-industrial time zone. Architecture of this question is islands drawn by layers of landscape of our time. Islands of territory existed by the anomalies of our technology. A part of island is a strip of monumental territory to visualize the invisibility of a global clock distanced 20,000km from the Earth. Islands are shifting and re-calibrating everyday in the city of New York, so it is a malleable construct to state and argue the current time’s existence by depicting our behavior and attitude towards the technological information revolution in relation to our time. It asks the question – which island should the humanity explore for their self-sustain time…

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Agora of Digital Freedom (working title)


The current developments suggest a further global control of the Internet, by governments trying to expand their influence on this media. Already 90% of the traffic is being regulated by 20 of the biggest companies, and a governmental intervention and takeover is only a matter of time.

The dangers of such an outcome are restrictions to the online information and the end to Internet privacy, expanding outside the national borders and spanning globally. The consequences of such a scenario lead to a void of information within the public.

Information is not a for-profit commodity and as such should be made accessible to all with no restrictions.

Thus if there is no reconsideration in the politics of freedom of information we will ourselves forced establish a domination over the physical infrastructure of the networks within the urban environment of the city.



A disturbance of the physical infrastructure will occur, not via sabotage, but via a domination of the top down infrastructure through the appropriation of the technological knowledge that we can acquired up to date.

The structure of the city and the infrastructure of the network will aid the establishment of voids due to their fragility.

The city of New York already allows for signals to be disrupted or blocked as the infrastructure has height limitations and restrictions to the angle that the antennas send out the signals, as well as the building acting almost as Faraday cages with its conducting materials.

A range of devices will disturb the frequencies and the signals further, spreading information blackouts across the city, allowing for alternative networks and signal voids to be established.


_Demographic Ability and Fabric of the City

It is vital to establish new zones within the city based on the information. Zones that have mostly private information circulating are not of such importance, as the financial district and the midtown. The factors that classify the information will be based on the consequences that harming the information flow will cause, where each and all will become a jammer for their surrounding.


_Declaration of Intention

Our mission is to establish control over the information flow within the city, which will lead to a need for a dialogue between the parties involved. We believe that information should not be restricted due to interests of the individual parties, thus aiming to create maximum harm to those putting their interests above those of the other participants.

The anti-mobile phone scenario will re-establish the public space for political debate on the freedom of data flow, and agora of the information revolution, which has been long overdue.




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“Before the Numbers & After the Words” (working title)

The focus of my project is on human dialogue and communication, in other words, our relationship with each other in the city, as transformed by the information technology we have today.

It is about the misunderstanding and absurdity of human interaction in the city as it rapidly converts into a mega system of distant-communication networks.  As a result, our words are losing meaning, our communication losing context, and our interacting turning absurd.

Due to the physical construct of our body, and the fact that we all have different backgrounds, with different past memories and experiences; therefore, it is impossible for two people to have the same inner mental interpretation and information processing structure.  As a result, alongside the objective happening of events, we have an infinite amount of different individual dimensions of subjective meanings and realities that are only accessible to each individual, referred to as the “absolute individuality”.

In order to overcome this “absolute individuality”, so as to understand and communicate with each other, we rely on a language that has developed collective meanings formed from dialogues and events in the city that are witnessed and experienced collectively.

But, as our information and communication technology transforms, it has also altered the way we experience events and people.  Today, we no longer need to experience and witness events together, from the same geographical and temporal dimension.  An event can be seen from your portable devices, at any time, from any location.

Our relationships to people and to the city are changing.  Collective moments are experienced singularly. The physicality of a reality that corresponds to our messages and information is of trivial importance.  Virtual reality is reality.

What we have nowadays is a landscape of individualized worlds existing in parallel with each other.  Each living in his/her own dimension, running on his/her own track, and experiencing his/her own projected reality.  The Information City is a city that enables us to live in dys-synchronisation.

If progress is the only way forward, if we are to embrace technology; then, the question comes to how do we re-invent the feeling of communion and the experience of each other in our city, in the age of dis-communication?  How do we overcome the condition of “absolute individuality” when the original meaning of “collective experience” no longer applies?  “Collectivity” needs to seek for new ground, to be redefined.

The prototype of my informational Revolution is a new form of “collective experience” in the Age of Technology.

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PUROGA: An Archaeology of a Projective Culture (draft)


PUROGA celebrates order and substance to challenge the relativist state of contemporary society – a situation exacerbated by the Informational Revolution. The project aims to explicate the tragedy of man’s isolation while advocating duty to fellow man as mitigative action. Through design, the project privileges beauty in both inward and outward expression of form.



The description of a constructed religiosity originating in the 9/11 attacks, through the design of the Croton Aqueduct and its ancillary components.



PUROGA is a projective culture that emerges from the 9/11 epoch. It is conceived as an amalgamation of contemporary technologies and constructed religiosity. The culture is described through its archaeology, primarily in the design of the Croton Aqueduct that is situated in Manhattan, New York. Relics, Shrines and a Mourning Ritual are ancillary components that activate Hertzian space in order to achieve a hybrid urbanity.




The Croton Aqueduct is the epicentre of the proposed archaeology. Its function is to simultaneously generate sound while transmitting it via radio in order to organise the Mourning Ritual.

The Croton Aqueduct comprises of individual components. They are, a set of individual structures and truncated underground pipes. The individual structures are converted to Shrines that via radio, transmit the sound that is generated in the underground pipes.



The Relics are sized and designed according to the human body that they may be handled by either one or a number of individuals. Besides their symbolic function, they act as receivers that are tuned to the frequency at which the Shrines are transmitting the sound that is generated by the underground pipes.



The Mourning Ritual is a procession through Manhattan that is performed as a community. The choreography in its notated form is generated by plotting a timeline of the 9/11 events on the Manhattan grid. This forms a matrix that is also used in composition of the sound that is performed by the underground pipes of the Croton Aqueduct.




To convert the disused Croton Aqueduct in Manhattan into a transmitter which simultaneously generates and transmits organised sound via radio waves.



The technical study investigates the amplification of the spatial relationship between the urban landscape and the body through sound. This inquiry will cover project precedents, biological effects of sound, music instrument anatomy and construction techniques. The study of these components will enable the development and fabrication of a working prototype.



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Schlaraffenland, a true story.. :part one(wip)

one part of a photographic diptych ’99 Cent II’ by Andreas Gursky.
Kildare Poem, The land of Cockaygne
“In Cokayne there is food and drink
Without care, anxiety and labor.
The food is excellent, the drink is splendid,
At dinner, snack time, and supper.
I say in truth, without doubt,
There is no land on earth its equal.
Indeed, there is no land under heaven
Which has so much joy and bliss.
Many a pleasing sight is there”

Today, the world we live in is much more a ‘Man-Made’, or ‘Artificial’ rather than a natural one. Almost every element in our environment shows evidences of human artifice.

Today, about three centuries after Newton we are well familiar with the concept of natural science.

Today, what we experience is beyond Einstein and Newton laws.

Today, the word ‘biological’ is no longer ‘natural’.

Today, the reality is broken.

Today, there are unrealities and realities embedded within our food industry, the results of a vast manipulation and the artificialities that expands from the inception of production to the moment of consumption.

Every day we are not only redefining our food and product identities but we are also redefining our own identities, hiding behind cyberspace’s fantasy worlds, creating altered egos, through social networking, online gaming, we are changing common views on who we are, where we are and who our physical self cannot be. Our interests, identities, social and cultural communities are being better characterized and defined. Through online gaming, we create avatars, a better version of ourselves, grow awful lot of food in Farmville, rule an empire, hope to be rewarded. We spend more and more time and passion online on our social interactions and communicating our interests. We spend time in a non-physical space parallel to the material world. This is our virtual reality.

From the food we eat to the spaces we spend our daily life in, to the information we feed back to the world, there’s a long span of artificial scaled space, a brave new world. The architectural construct of the space between us, the costumers of this brave new world and the production and consumption of food and the information it carries is set within this hybrid reality.The inhabitation of this non-place architecture expands through three world. The world of fake reality or perception, the world of actual reality or the production and consumption and the in-between, the portal, or our online virtual reality.


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