Outline for exchange: propaganda

This project deals with propaganda which is heavily present in the City of London. From the City’s side, there is the annual Lord Mayor’s Show which positions the City of London Corporation as a purely historical and cultural entity instead of the financially powerful political organization that it is:

From the other side, there is the Occupy movement, which demonizes the City as a lair of rich elites that feed off the common people with no regard for the wellbeing of the society:

Propaganda also hijacks virtual communication, infiltrating social networks and politicizing them, using them as infrastructure for propaganda dissemination, making it freely and instantly available to large audiences worldwide:

The physical pinnacle of this propaganda war is reached at parade time by St. Paul’s – the parade attracts great numbers of spectators, the attention of which is then fought over by the protesters, the intensity of propaganda at the time being so powerful that it defines its own territory, its space within the City:

? A new Guildhall might be the proposal, a structure that does not (although certainly appears to) improve the political process or facilitate interaction between the two, instead serving as both a backdrop and an actor in the narcissistic propaganda campaigns of both of the involved parties. (Image below just to roughly explain the idea about a fake building – the design is wrong / isn’t there at all)

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