Islands of non-existent time(draft title)

Phase_01 – The Existence of Time in Pre-Industrial Time-zone

History begins with the attempts of humans to understand their beginnings. The history of time measurement began to understand what surround us. Humans historically kept their own time by using time-measurement instruments to observe the sun’s zenith at noon. Stonehenge was a monument, which existed in order to understand what surrounds us and to relate to it by casting the sun’s shadow onto a surface/territory and based on the movements of both the moon and the sun. Stonehenge was a celestial observatory, which have allowed prediction of eclipse, solstice, equinox and other celestial events. The observation of time existence started from discovering the cosmic order and depicting the rhythmic cycles of nature to the ground, to the space, to the territory.


Phase_02 – The Existence of Time in Industrial Time-zone (A global network time rises)

Industrialisation was the process of a wider modernization when social change and economic development were closely related with technological innovation, thus the notion of time’s existence changed accordingly in a response to a globalized network of trade, communication and transport. The development regarding longitudes allowed time noticeable the difference between distant locations. Various meridians were used for longitudinal references, where Greenwich Meridian was established as the prime meridian and became the world’s time standard. Territorial implication of time’s existence became crucial, when the world was divided by 15 degrees wide creating 24 standard time zone systems in regards to make a global time-zone as a construct of industrial by product governing unified time system.


Phase_03 – The Question of Post-Industrial Time-zone

The territorial longitude grid system of time is no longer a catalyst of the change time system. Humans built the largest machine-monument of time with the largest distance of 20,000km between Earth and Space – GPS satellites. The constant constellation of 24 GPS satellites and triangulation of three/four satellites gives us the exact time synchronization and location. This is the current notion of time’s existence with territory, which is invisible in our civic environments.

The project itself is a question of what would be the next time system in post-industrial time zone. Architecture of this question is islands drawn by layers of landscape of our time. Islands of territory existed by the anomalies of our technology. A part of island is a strip of monumental territory to visualize the invisibility of a global clock distanced 20,000km from the Earth. Islands are shifting and re-calibrating everyday in the city of New York, so it is a malleable construct to state and argue the current time’s existence by depicting our behavior and attitude towards the technological information revolution in relation to our time. It asks the question – which island should the humanity explore for their self-sustain time…

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