Electric Dreams


‘Electric Dreams’ is a satirical thesis on the lost promise of cyberspace & the digital culture to liberate humanity from authoritarian rule & the old corruption of power. It envisions the transformation of the Bank of England, where its mythical gold vaults are converted into a nightclub of ‘Electric Dreams’, a ‘cyber-utopia’ of perpetual play.


Descending from the newly constructed Tower 42 (1981), the pinnacle of capitalism, we are guided into & through the Vault, passing amidst a collection of ‘cyber-dreams’ where we are ‘all watched over by machines of loving grace’. Like Bruno Taut’s Alpine Architecture, it is a vision of a world removed from the profound corruption in politics, the free market & human prejudices.


The project is a characterisation of Richard Brautigan’s ‘cybernetic meadow, where mammals & computers live together in mutually programming harmony, like pure water touching clear sky’; thus the thesis explores the reasoning behind why this ‘cyber-utopia’ has not become a reality.

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