Blow-up dolls

The proposal is dynamic, using most, and best, of the opportunities that inflatables provide. As the physical crowd in the Guildhall square grows (or shrinks), the buildings lift up, extending the square, and (in some way which is not clear yet) opening more of the Corporation’s spaces up to the protesters, creating a sort of clash. Not only the “existing” buildings give way – objects appear as they are needed for the organization of the inhabitants’ lives – roll-out podiums for speeches, tents for meetings, big and small, pop-up cafes, etc., all designed (intention, not really any design in the imagesbelow) to create a never-ending propaganda playground.

At the same time, virtual trends in twitter and other social networks are monitored by the building’s algorithm (analysis principles outlined below, but have to decide on particulars for the proposal), allowing it to compare the physical crowd and its behavioral patterns to trends in the virtual domain, and allowing the proposal to learn over time and anticipate certain behavior following trends in twitter and vice versa (thus, say, physically adapt the environment to what is anticipated from the crowd) all to facilitate their propaganda better, to amplify it before it even happens.

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