“Before the Numbers & After the Words” (working title)

The focus of my project is on human dialogue and communication, in other words, our relationship with each other in the city, as transformed by the information technology we have today.

It is about the misunderstanding and absurdity of human interaction in the city as it rapidly converts into a mega system of distant-communication networks.  As a result, our words are losing meaning, our communication losing context, and our interacting turning absurd.

Due to the physical construct of our body, and the fact that we all have different backgrounds, with different past memories and experiences; therefore, it is impossible for two people to have the same inner mental interpretation and information processing structure.  As a result, alongside the objective happening of events, we have an infinite amount of different individual dimensions of subjective meanings and realities that are only accessible to each individual, referred to as the “absolute individuality”.

In order to overcome this “absolute individuality”, so as to understand and communicate with each other, we rely on a language that has developed collective meanings formed from dialogues and events in the city that are witnessed and experienced collectively.

But, as our information and communication technology transforms, it has also altered the way we experience events and people.  Today, we no longer need to experience and witness events together, from the same geographical and temporal dimension.  An event can be seen from your portable devices, at any time, from any location.

Our relationships to people and to the city are changing.  Collective moments are experienced singularly. The physicality of a reality that corresponds to our messages and information is of trivial importance.  Virtual reality is reality.

What we have nowadays is a landscape of individualized worlds existing in parallel with each other.  Each living in his/her own dimension, running on his/her own track, and experiencing his/her own projected reality.  The Information City is a city that enables us to live in dys-synchronisation.

If progress is the only way forward, if we are to embrace technology; then, the question comes to how do we re-invent the feeling of communion and the experience of each other in our city, in the age of dis-communication?  How do we overcome the condition of “absolute individuality” when the original meaning of “collective experience” no longer applies?  “Collectivity” needs to seek for new ground, to be redefined.

The prototype of my informational Revolution is a new form of “collective experience” in the Age of Technology.

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