(wip-needs change) Statement: ‘From the food we eat, the non-physical spaces we spend our daily life in, to the information we feed back to the world, there’s a long span of artificial scaled space, a brave new world.
Cockaigne is an architectural construct of a super market. The inhabitation of this non-place architecture expands through three constructed landscapes. Server-farms build the artificial soil condition of endless heat radiating networked processors. Our projective desires of an endless consumption is fulfilled behind screens in the virtuality of MMOG portals of online social farming platforms – the likes of Farmville. All culminating in the excess of the global supermarket, a perfect utopia and regulated space of endless desire and gluttonous behavior. The land of Cockaigne is set in New york, within the busiest network point, 60 Hudson Street. We seek critic and reconciliation in our estranged world of Nestle, glorifying the arrival of the shared land of milk and honey.’

130510-Cockaigne Logo-No lines

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