Cloud infrastructure as architecture/open source social network marketing

Dystopia visions are perhaps most familiar from the cinema, in such films as Blade Runner and Tron.  “The rise of the printed press is inseparable from the rise of technology and capitalism, and its influence has forged a dependence on the image in modern society. The increase in literacy and commuting by train fuelled the rise of newspapers and the thirst for sensationalism.”
Cloud infrastructure as architecture/open source social network marketing explores the concept of humans abusing technology as technology progresses farther and more rapidly than them.  The danger and the paradox of course is that the hyper real world of the internet comes to dominate the ways in which we think and feel into the “real” world. With this, the “real” world itself becomes more and more hyper real. As a symptom of postmodern culture where people loses their ability to distinguish the real from fantasy, consumerism has filled our realities with viral marketing that has augmented the ‘truth’. Hypermarkets are the models of controlled socialization. We demand commodities to construct our identities. Identities that are constantly in flux because of the never-ending visual input stemming from our perfectionized media reality. Individuals trapped in a copy world, only seeking stimuli by finding value in products that temporarily satisfy our non-stop striving for newer, better and prettier things. This new real time market economy is fused with stock market facilities that will allow the building to network its occupants in real time based on their personal information and predict the next speculative bubble.


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