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Latteral Views

  Entrance to the London Stock Exchange premises is permitted through the cuts and dislocations formed by three-dimensional anamorphisms. As we connect spaces, a new infrastructure of the hidden is revealed, forming with it a new community of occupation.

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The In-Between

The project investigates strategies in articulating a sense of presence and awareness in a networked space, created through the intersection of shared physical and virtual space to open up an augmented congressional space in both London’s Square Mile and the … Continue reading

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The medium is the message. /M. McLuhan/ In the City of London, as in most entities nowadays, politics means propaganda – and with the rise of Internet-based social media, this propaganda can now be – and is – everywhere, having … Continue reading

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Project Pneuma

We exist within a virtual marketplace, where our avatars and their behaviours are motivated to direct, create and change our interactions within the physical market economy. As an interface between the virtual and the real, new technologies such as our … Continue reading

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Electric Dreams

  ‘Electric Dreams’ is a satirical thesis on the lost promise of cyberspace & the digital culture to liberate humanity from authoritarian rule & the old corruption of power. It envisions the transformation of the Bank of England, where its … Continue reading

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