(wip-needs change) Statement: ‘From the food we eat, the non-physical spaces we spend our daily life in, to the information we feed back to the world, there’s a long span of artificial scaled space, a brave new world.
Cockaigne is an architectural construct of a super market. The inhabitation of this non-place architecture expands through three constructed landscapes. Server-farms build the artificial soil condition of endless heat radiating networked processors. Our projective desires of an endless consumption is fulfilled behind screens in the virtuality of MMOG portals of online social farming platforms – the likes of Farmville. All culminating in the excess of the global supermarket, a perfect utopia and regulated space of endless desire and gluttonous behavior. The land of Cockaigne is set in New york, within the busiest network point, 60 Hudson Street. We seek critic and reconciliation in our estranged world of Nestle, glorifying the arrival of the shared land of milk and honey.’

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Week 1


in response and as provocation to Kevin”s post!

Week 1


Monday 22nd April  – PIN UP 4th years – starting 10:00


Tuesday 23rd April

10:00 Soonil

10:45 YuWon (shifted by TK)

11:30 Ryan (shifted by TK)

12:15 Gloria



Wednesday  24th April – PIN UP 5th years – starting 10:00

Thursday 25th April

10:00  TS5 – I Will need to present your work

10:45  TS5 – I Will need to present your work

11:30  TS5 – I Will need to present your work

12:15  TS5 – I Will need to present your work


Friday 26th March – DEADLINE UPLOADING minimum 5 images of your project on the Unit Blog.

10:00 Sergej (shifted by TK)

10:45 Lyza (shifted by TK)

11:30 Golshid added by TK

12:15 Kjetil

13:00 Gloria


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We, the people

“This is not about country vs country – This is about we, the people, the 99% (of USA and of North Korea) vs oppressing and violent regimes (like USA gov. and N.K. gov)! We, the people, are gathering together because we are stronger now and we won’t fight your wars anymore.”

The Anonymous

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Easter-break week 2

Tuesday 2nd tutorials at the office space:

2 Durham Yard, E2 6QF London

(please call me once you arrive to be let through the gates.

Review of the work that was agreed last week.

Please come prepared with new agreed work . 5th years please come with your progress in TS.


Please do not come if you have no new work – I will send you away immediately!!!!


10:00 luke











15:30 gloria

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Easter Break Week 01

Monday 25th tutorials at the unit space:

Individual tutorials planning out the work to be carried out over the break. Please those who were identified as having problems in terms of editing – bring your portfolio with you.

Please come prepared with a clue on what and how you want to work on for your portfolio and project as well as a clear and distinctive TS agenda (for 5th years)


10:00 YuWon

10:30 Ryan

11:00 Luke



12:30 kevin

13:00 kin


14:00 soonil

14:30 gloria

15:00 Brian (will be at us embassy in the morning will try to come for the 12 slot if i made it back on time)




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Week 11 – 5th year preview tables (last week before break)

Week 11 – last week


Friday Pech Kucha

33 First Floor Front – start is 13:00! 3 minutes per student / 12 slides!

very important chance for 4th years to redeem their confusing presentation last week and to test new/fresh strategy on presentation and work !

5th years – I know you will be tired but still it should be a constructive and enjoyable afternoon!




Monday 18th March  (Tutorials  for 5th years rehearsing/ mock-up of  presentation – max. 13 minutes long after that I will stop you!  )

Tutorial times were sent by email


Tuesday 19th March Tutorials 4th years only


9:45  Sergej by TK

10:30 Gloria by TK

11:15 Golshid by Tk

12:00 Brian by TK

12:45 Liza by TK


If you want to swap with your fellow 4th years please do – coming to a tutorial on Tuesday is mandatory.


Wednesday  20th March

5th year Preview tables – dates and times should have been send out to you by now – Do NOT come too late!


Thursday 21th March

5th year Preview tables – dates and times should have been send out to you by now – Do NOT come too late!


Friday 15th March

12:30 – 33 First Floor Front // Pecha Kucha


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