Agora of Digital Freedom (working title)


The current developments suggest a further global control of the Internet, by governments trying to expand their influence on this media. Already 90% of the traffic is being regulated by 20 of the biggest companies, and a governmental intervention and takeover is only a matter of time.

The dangers of such an outcome are restrictions to the online information and the end to Internet privacy, expanding outside the national borders and spanning globally. The consequences of such a scenario lead to a void of information within the public.

Information is not a for-profit commodity and as such should be made accessible to all with no restrictions.

Thus if there is no reconsideration in the politics of freedom of information we will ourselves forced establish a domination over the physical infrastructure of the networks within the urban environment of the city.



A disturbance of the physical infrastructure will occur, not via sabotage, but via a domination of the top down infrastructure through the appropriation of the technological knowledge that we can acquired up to date.

The structure of the city and the infrastructure of the network will aid the establishment of voids due to their fragility.

The city of New York already allows for signals to be disrupted or blocked as the infrastructure has height limitations and restrictions to the angle that the antennas send out the signals, as well as the building acting almost as Faraday cages with its conducting materials.

A range of devices will disturb the frequencies and the signals further, spreading information blackouts across the city, allowing for alternative networks and signal voids to be established.


_Demographic Ability and Fabric of the City

It is vital to establish new zones within the city based on the information. Zones that have mostly private information circulating are not of such importance, as the financial district and the midtown. The factors that classify the information will be based on the consequences that harming the information flow will cause, where each and all will become a jammer for their surrounding.


_Declaration of Intention

Our mission is to establish control over the information flow within the city, which will lead to a need for a dialogue between the parties involved. We believe that information should not be restricted due to interests of the individual parties, thus aiming to create maximum harm to those putting their interests above those of the other participants.

The anti-mobile phone scenario will re-establish the public space for political debate on the freedom of data flow, and agora of the information revolution, which has been long overdue.




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