A new way of having a Jury – you decide!



As you know, we will have a jury on the 28th  of January . We will be located all day at the rear 2nd presentation space. The space is located just over the terrace. The morning jury will meet at the AA bar at 9:45. The afternoon Jury will meet at the bar at 13:45.

The Jury will start at 10:00 with all students from AA dip1 present.

In the morning session we will have Michael Wiehart, Alex Haw and Madhav Kidao

In the afternoon session Jon Ng, Francesca Hughes and the guys from Scanlab Projects will be our guests.

We will be most likely joined by the editor of the vice magazine, the creators project, Mr Kevin Holmes as well as by Javier and Denis.

Please choose your spot!


10: 00 Luke

10:30 Gloria

11:00 soonil

11:30 Kjetil

12:00 Ryan




14:00 YuWon

14:30 kevin

15:00 Lyza

15:30 Sergej

16:00 gol

16:30 Kinny

17:00 Brian

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