A hybrid reality – miniature Schlaraffenland


Memories in miniature

Dip1 – I thought of starting not to copy anymore and without comment post things but encourage to articulate and transfer your findings and inspirations in relation to your projects and the unit agenda – with your opinion!

So …

When reading through this article, being aware that the idea to create replicas is obviously not the newest idea in humanity and stands in a long tradition of transforming one-self into a communicating timeless vessel – starting from the portrait and its emergence from even before the middle ages, I still thought that there is something new in this  moment of translating physicality in a cultural context (the holiday snap) and reposition it in a constructed new architectural context (even though this is only in a scalled down domestic environment). Now thinking about this work – scanning oneself in the framework of a holiday snap opens a lot of questions on the unit’s agenda in relation to the media chosen to work through issues and questions.I am for instance quiet intrigued by the work of Golshid that spans equally an artificial scaled  space between the consumer of our brave new world products and foods. How would the idea of scanned replicated reposition fit into her work – I am wondering from the endless cornbelt of America – the post soviet Kolchos -russian колхоз agglomeration to your cupboard as the new praised Schlaraffenland?

I feel reminded of Gulliver’s travels – but there is more to the packaging here as it constructs this earie moment of replication to be re-framed and packaged.  Maybe it has as well to do with the title – the memories in miniature.


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