Pachube and an Idea of remote floating — more Inspiration

Ok – here goes a bit more of inspiration from the fairy:


How about your devices could sense data and changes from long distance and allow it to become part of your architecture, part of the first interfaces for the informational Revolution? Well you can use

and link these data sets into the behaviour and reaction of your objects. Sounds maybe boring or not that interesting but this data flow could easily lead to the type of narrative scenario as shown in the example of to start with but it could as well be more linked into your ideas regarding the testing of the City of London.


I attach a couple of videos of the world of nerds and what they make of it – mostly without a narrative and scenario/thesis behind – something that you are much more equipped with.


slightly boring – but could be used

this music is atrocious


I love this idea of the flying – but think with a pachube one could make it float to the winds of for instance Hong Kong – maybe in formation to become a projection ground over St Paul’s Cathedral – would be amazing to create a dislocated wind ……



ok as you can see they lack absolutely any kind of creativity but they show possibilities – and a start into how we could re-think a relation between actual and virtual, re-think our static environment and come closer to developing tools/prototypes of the informational Revolution.





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