Project Pneuma

We exist within a virtual marketplace, where our avatars and their behaviours are motivated to direct, create and change our interactions within the physical market economy.

As an interface between the virtual and the real, new technologies such as our current cloud storage systems and our dependence on internet connections have allowed online retailers, service providers and digital manufacturers to become de-humanized as they rely on algorithmic scripts as a means of analyzing consumer behaviour. In an event that facilitates a dialogue between our virtual ghosts (our avatars) and the physical world, Project Pneuma revises the boundaries of elusive and definitive spaces of trade that can establish new civic typologies by assimilating our online and real behaviours within a new and virtual stockmarket typology.

This new negotiation of space will allow our digital ghost to peer into the physical world in the form of digital wind, where the interactions between man and technology become a physical response that is personified by an active breeze. Through the merging of existing and virtual infrastructures, the London transport and our digital datascapes, a revised journey between destinations within the London tube system will help reveal a new geographical nature of our world – the Architectural nature of biometrics.

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